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Programming Sucks, Noname, Maqamat, Typewriters, and TLA+

October 18, 2018

  • [0]: A lovely piece on the craziness of programming
  • [1]: Noname, one of my favourite rappers, performed a medley of her latest album, Room 25, on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
  • [2]: I was researching Arabic Maqamat and decided to YouTube it. One of my old Arabic/Quran teachers (on the left) is in the video. What an interesting surprise.
  • [3]: Hillel Wayne's Practical TLA+ is now available. If you're interested in formal specification of programs check it out!
  • [4]: A digital typewriter! NinjaTrappeur creates a typewriter with a mechanical keyboard and an e-ink display.Super cool!

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