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Gerrymandering, Challenges for Women and Enbies in Open Spaces, Yemeni Immigrant Activists, and Public Private Jokes

November 06, 2018

There's a bunch of links today. It's midterm election season and people are sharing a bunch of links to some cool stuff.


French Feminists and the Rights of 'Man':Olympe de Gouges's Declarations (PDF). A very interesting history of a very interesting woman. Here's the twitter thread where I found this.


An Open Heroines article that talks about the challenges women and non-binary people face in ‘open’ spaces. Part 2 (not published as of this post) will include practical steps to help you better support women and non-binary people.

I don't know how I came across this blog but I am subscribed to it. Here's an article on Private Jokes in a Public Forum


Two politics links this time (though some would argue everything is political!).

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