by @isthisnagee

Faith in Open Source, Junior Devs, Modals, and Tech and the Military

October 20, 2018

  • [0] This is a podcast on faith and open source.

    • Also see Henry [0.1] and Nadia's [0.2] blog posts on this subject. They're the cohosts of the podcast!
  • [1] This article has advice for junior devs.
  • [2] Why does this have to be a modal?
  • [3] A thread of favourite design newsletters
  • [4] Jeff Bezos defends Tech industry working with DoD.

    • [4.1] An open letter from Amazon employees on selling facial recognition tech to the police
    • [4.2] An open letter from Microsoft employees demanding that Microsoft not bid on the US Military's project JEDI.

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