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Google Walkout and An interview with Obvious

#tech Google Engineers Are Organizing A Walk Out To Protest The Company’s Protection Of An Alleged Sexual Harasser #ai, #art Jason Bailey interviews Obvious, the group that consigned the (in)famous Portrait of Edmond Belamy , in The Truth Behind…

Polyhedra, The Art World on AI Art, Reading Better, and Libraries

#art, #ai Who needs artists? Rise in works made by artificial intelligence raises real questions for the art market #reading Here's A Helpful Guide on Reading Better #photos After you read about reading better, here's some libraries to appreciate: A…

Stop Powering ICE, Generated Halloween Costumes, and '90s shooters

#politics, #tech Who's Behind ICE? The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations . Join me in signing the petition to tell Amazon to stop powering ICE. It's not much but every bit helps. #ai This NYTimes Opinion piece is about generating halloween…

AI Art, Sensing the Sensual, German Politics, and Stardew Valley

#art, #hardware So a video titled "Sensing the Sensual" made its way around the internet a few days ago. Figured I'd share Sara's website since it has links to all the other blogs (and the YouTube channel), which are all great (I really like the…