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Israel Besieging Itself, Vim in the Future, Art Analytics, and Pizza!

#politics By Besieging The Palestinians, Israel Has Besieged Itself . #programming Emily St* talks about Vim in the Future . #art Another Artnome piece, this one on analytics in art: Inventing the Future of Art Analytics #other ... an…

How much hotter is your hometown, art with a plotter, and strikes and picket lines, and Google free android

#general I've never used the general tag before but there's a first time for everything I guess. This interactive NYTimes piece explores global warming over time. Put in your hometown and see what results it gives you: Here's How Much Hotter Is…

Defensive Programming Bugs, Security, Doctors Hating Tech, and Art and Blockchain

#programming Defensive programming can hide bugs argues Sean Connor. A pretty nice article. #tech The Alice Goldfuss starts off an article about security with a powerfule statement: "I know women who cannot vote". Read this Increment Magazine…

Implementing Strings, Cleaning Codebases, and The Art World

#programming Implementing Strings When to clean up your code #art How Does the Art World Live With Itself?

الرجل الذي سرق المفيش

#culture, #art Again, I'm not sure how to use the culture tag. In The Man Who Stole Nothing / الرجل الذي سرق المفيش , the artists behind the Homeland set protest pieces discuss David Krippendorff's colonizing of their work in his piece entitled…

Google Walkout and An interview with Obvious

#tech Google Engineers Are Organizing A Walk Out To Protest The Company’s Protection Of An Alleged Sexual Harasser #ai, #art Jason Bailey interviews Obvious, the group that consigned the (in)famous Portrait of Edmond Belamy , in The Truth Behind…

Polyhedra, The Art World on AI Art, Reading Better, and Libraries

#art, #ai Who needs artists? Rise in works made by artificial intelligence raises real questions for the art market #reading Here's A Helpful Guide on Reading Better #photos After you read about reading better, here's some libraries to appreciate: A…

AI Art, Sensing the Sensual, German Politics, and Stardew Valley

#art, #hardware So a video titled "Sensing the Sensual" made its way around the internet a few days ago. Figured I'd share Sara's website since it has links to all the other blogs (and the YouTube channel), which are all great (I really like the…

Category Theory, Voronoi and Delaunay, and Living Documentation

I'm going to use a new structure for this stuff! There are categories listed above that are relevant to this article, and each "header" will be one of those categories. Maybe this will work better. #category-theory Bartosz Milewski's "Category…