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Video Game Writing, Blind Software Development, Visual History of Computing, Refusing to Work

#game-dev Emily Short (creator of Galatea !) reviews Steve Ince's Writing for Video Games in this short post . #photos #tech A visual history to computing: 1945-1979 . #programming Tuukka Ojala shares what it's like to program blind in Software…

Apple Maps, Graveyard Keeper, and LGBTQ Muslims

#tech Justin O’Beirne takes a look at some changes in the new apple maps . #game-dev A lead programmer of Graveyard Keepr explains "How the Graphics Are Made" #culture Again, I'm just going to throw everything at the culture tag. I came across…

Alternative Histories, Tiny Flipback Books, and Making a Rougelike

#tech An alternative history of silicon valley disruption #reading This NYTimes article takes a look at Penguin Random House's introduction of Dwarsliggers to the North American market. #game-dev Josh Ge details how to make a rougelike

Stop Powering ICE, Generated Halloween Costumes, and '90s shooters

#politics, #tech Who's Behind ICE? The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations . Join me in signing the petition to tell Amazon to stop powering ICE. It's not much but every bit helps. #ai This NYTimes Opinion piece is about generating halloween…