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Arabic, Tech Unions, and Synths in Chrome

#arabic Arabic, a great language, has a low profile . The Economist takes brief look at the macrolanguage of Arabic. #unions New Zealand tech workers now have a collective voice. See here for more. #programming, #music, #meetup Making a synth in…

Programming Sucks, Noname, Maqamat, Typewriters, and TLA+

[ 0]: A lovely piece on the craziness of programming [ 1]: Noname, one of my favourite rappers, performed a medley of her latest album, Room 25, on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. [ 2]: I was researching Arabic Maqamat and decided to YouTube it…

Unions in Tech, Indie Rock Super Groups, and Quantum Verification

Ok so I spam a bunch of group chats with links and figured that I can just spam my blog instead ... even though I rarely blog. Anyway this daily links thing will eventually start cluttering my blog so I'll move these daily link posts to a different…