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Israel Besieging Itself, Vim in the Future, Art Analytics, and Pizza!

#politics By Besieging The Palestinians, Israel Has Besieged Itself . #programming Emily St* talks about Vim in the Future . #art Another Artnome piece, this one on analytics in art: Inventing the Future of Art Analytics #other ... an…

How much hotter is your hometown, art with a plotter, and strikes and picket lines, and Google free android

#general I've never used the general tag before but there's a first time for everything I guess. This interactive NYTimes piece explores global warming over time. Put in your hometown and see what results it gives you: Here's How Much Hotter Is…

Video Game Writing, Blind Software Development, Visual History of Computing, Refusing to Work

#game-dev Emily Short (creator of Galatea !) reviews Steve Ince's Writing for Video Games in this short post . #photos #tech A visual history to computing: 1945-1979 . #programming Tuukka Ojala shares what it's like to program blind in Software…

Defensive Programming Bugs, Security, Doctors Hating Tech, and Art and Blockchain

#programming Defensive programming can hide bugs argues Sean Connor. A pretty nice article. #tech The Alice Goldfuss starts off an article about security with a powerfule statement: "I know women who cannot vote". Read this Increment Magazine…

Ray Tracing, Voting, Role Models, and Video Game Hate Groups

#graphics Accelerated Ray Tracing in One Weekend in CUDA #programming A thread about lobsters' role models in tech #politics Did You Vote? Now Your Friends May Know (and Nag You) #politics, #tech Right-Wing Hate Groups Are Recruiting Video…

Learning Arabic from Egypt's Revolution, Typed Errors, and Ditching Android

#arabic Learning Arabic from Egypt's Revolution #programming The Trouble With Typed Errors #tech Why I'm Ditching Android

Implementing Strings, Cleaning Codebases, and The Art World

#programming Implementing Strings When to clean up your code #art How Does the Art World Live With Itself?

Arabic, Tech Unions, and Synths in Chrome

#arabic Arabic, a great language, has a low profile . The Economist takes brief look at the macrolanguage of Arabic. #unions New Zealand tech workers now have a collective voice. See here for more. #programming, #music, #meetup Making a synth in…

Category Theory, Voronoi and Delaunay, and Living Documentation

I'm going to use a new structure for this stuff! There are categories listed above that are relevant to this article, and each "header" will be one of those categories. Maybe this will work better. #category-theory Bartosz Milewski's "Category…

OOP in Game Dev, Muslims Women in US Congress, Inclusive Design, and Old Smartphones

0 On OOP in the game dev community 0.1 On using Rust for Games (and Entity Component Systems) 1 The first muslim women heading to congress 2 Inclusive design 3 Donating old smart phones can help the visually impaired 0:…

Faith in Open Source, Junior Devs, Modals, and Tech and the Military

0 This is a podcast on faith and open source. Also see Henry 0.1 and Nadia's 0.2 blog posts on this subject. They're the cohosts of the podcast! 1 This article has advice for junior devs. 2 Why does this have to be a modal? 3 A thread of…

Programming Sucks, Noname, Maqamat, Typewriters, and TLA+

[ 0]: A lovely piece on the craziness of programming [ 1]: Noname, one of my favourite rappers, performed a medley of her latest album, Room 25, on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. [ 2]: I was researching Arabic Maqamat and decided to YouTube it…