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Tech Workers: Keep Organizing and A Short Story on Common Ground

#tech, #unions Tech Workers Need to Keep Organizing #reading The Arithmetic of Common Ground , A short story about the remarkable unlikelihood that anyone finds a mate.

A Letter From Gaza

I guess this site has mostly been link dumps but it's my site so I can do whatever the fuck I want on it. A wave of melancholy washed over me today and I don't feel like going through my news sites. I'll save moments like this and post links to…

Alternative Histories, Tiny Flipback Books, and Making a Rougelike

#tech An alternative history of silicon valley disruption #reading This NYTimes article takes a look at Penguin Random House's introduction of Dwarsliggers to the North American market. #game-dev Josh Ge details how to make a rougelike

Polyhedra, The Art World on AI Art, Reading Better, and Libraries

#art, #ai Who needs artists? Rise in works made by artificial intelligence raises real questions for the art market #reading Here's A Helpful Guide on Reading Better #photos After you read about reading better, here's some libraries to appreciate: A…