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Tech Workers: Keep Organizing and A Short Story on Common Ground

#tech, #unions Tech Workers Need to Keep Organizing #reading The Arithmetic of Common Ground , A short story about the remarkable unlikelihood that anyone finds a mate.

How much hotter is your hometown, art with a plotter, and strikes and picket lines, and Google free android

#general I've never used the general tag before but there's a first time for everything I guess. This interactive NYTimes piece explores global warming over time. Put in your hometown and see what results it gives you: Here's How Much Hotter Is…

Video Game Writing, Blind Software Development, Visual History of Computing, Refusing to Work

#game-dev Emily Short (creator of Galatea !) reviews Steve Ince's Writing for Video Games in this short post . #photos #tech A visual history to computing: 1945-1979 . #programming Tuukka Ojala shares what it's like to program blind in Software…

Defensive Programming Bugs, Security, Doctors Hating Tech, and Art and Blockchain

#programming Defensive programming can hide bugs argues Sean Connor. A pretty nice article. #tech The Alice Goldfuss starts off an article about security with a powerfule statement: "I know women who cannot vote". Read this Increment Magazine…

Ray Tracing, Voting, Role Models, and Video Game Hate Groups

#graphics Accelerated Ray Tracing in One Weekend in CUDA #programming A thread about lobsters' role models in tech #politics Did You Vote? Now Your Friends May Know (and Nag You) #politics, #tech Right-Wing Hate Groups Are Recruiting Video…

Learning Arabic from Egypt's Revolution, Typed Errors, and Ditching Android

#arabic Learning Arabic from Egypt's Revolution #programming The Trouble With Typed Errors #tech Why I'm Ditching Android

Apple Maps, Graveyard Keeper, and LGBTQ Muslims

#tech Justin O’Beirne takes a look at some changes in the new apple maps . #game-dev A lead programmer of Graveyard Keepr explains "How the Graphics Are Made" #culture Again, I'm just going to throw everything at the culture tag. I came across…

Alternative Histories, Tiny Flipback Books, and Making a Rougelike

#tech An alternative history of silicon valley disruption #reading This NYTimes article takes a look at Penguin Random House's introduction of Dwarsliggers to the North American market. #game-dev Josh Ge details how to make a rougelike

Google Walkout and An interview with Obvious

#tech Google Engineers Are Organizing A Walk Out To Protest The Company’s Protection Of An Alleged Sexual Harasser #ai, #art Jason Bailey interviews Obvious, the group that consigned the (in)famous Portrait of Edmond Belamy , in The Truth Behind…

Stop Powering ICE, Generated Halloween Costumes, and '90s shooters

#politics, #tech Who's Behind ICE? The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations . Join me in signing the petition to tell Amazon to stop powering ICE. It's not much but every bit helps. #ai This NYTimes Opinion piece is about generating halloween…

OMG ... I'm so busy but I still remembered to do this

#tech An interesting piece: I am not diversity #politics I BOUGHT USED VOTING MACHINES ON EBAY FOR $100 APIECE. WHAT I FOUND WAS ALARMING . #music Nardwuar is a fucking legend and does amazing interviews. Here's Nardwuar's first interview (3:4…

Kit-Kat, Voting, and Uber vs. Google

#politics This Washington Post piece looks at geography and demographics of those who vote – and those who don't. #culture This article looks at Kit-Kat culture in Japan! #tech Did Uber steal google's IP?